Fast Internet speeds are necessary if you want an awesomely seamless phone experience. Have you got yours yet, on the best postpaid network?

Till a few years ago, 3G ruled the roost as far as Internet speeds in India were concerned. Then came 4G which was later followed by 4G LTE. These offer mega fast browsing speed on both prepaid and postpaid connections. While 5G is in the offing in some Western countries, we are doing quite well with superfast Internet connectivity from leading providers like Airtel postpaid.

But who says superfast Internet speeds are vital only for business? You can have high speed Internet even on your phone, particularly when you have an Airtel postpaid plan on your SIM card. Here’s how a fast Internet connection on your phone helps:

* Faster page loading.

A slow Internet connection takes ages to complete any scheduled task. This is particularly true of loading pages, whether you try to read a detailed news report or browsing your favourite shopping site. Either the page loads really slowly, which means you get lots of broken and/or interrupted links, or it loads in entirety several minutes later. But with a faster Internet connection, pages load within mere seconds. Text, images and video appear on the page in tandem instead of in stages, and you just have to flick between pages to enjoy uninterrupted browsing. You get this amazing and quick browsing experience with Airtel postpaid, which has the fastest Internet speeds across all mobile providers in the land.

* No time lag between toggles.

A typical Internet user has multiple tabs and windows open – you would rarely open one window at a time and look at it entirely before closing it and opening another. Ordinarily, you would open your email, social media feeds and chat windows (using messaging apps like WhatsApp) and look at them more or less simultaneously. You don’t appreciate any time lag when you flick open Facebook, and then open Instagram, then move on to news sites, before responding to unread chats, and going back to Facebook. The transition between different sites and pages must be fast and seamless, and only high-speed Internet from leading providers like Airtel postpaid can provide the same.

* No buffering required for videos.

Another stressful area of use with slow Internet connections, or those with poor network connectivity, is that video and audio files require several minutes of buffering before you can consume them. This is frustrating when the file suddenly pauses to buffer while you are viewing it – an exciting sports match gets suspended mid-action, or a hilarious cat video does not reach its logical end at a crucial time, or the song you were listening to on your morning jog is suddenly silenced for a few minutes. Just get Airtel postpaid and say goodbye to these niggles – there’s no such thing as ‘buffering’ with a high speed postpaid plan from Airtel.

* Quick response for online tools.

Students and professionals today are using a large variety of online tools for research, online group study, project work, business presentations, and seamless mobile calling across geographical locations. These tools, like Google Apps for Work and Salesforce, to name just two of many, require immediacy in use. A slow Internet connection will not let you work on these online tools properly, but a fast Internet connection will. A high-speed Internet connection from Airtel postpaid can aid research, presentation making, audio and video editing using a tab, and many other functionalities.


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