Wouldn’t it be awful that you meet with a sudden accident and you have to ask for money or rather beg for it at unusual hours? Everyone wants to feel safe and secure at times like this. One would rather have some sort of protection ready for such unusual and unanticipated circumstances. Insurance is one such safety net for people like you and me.
Some people do not understand what is insurance? Insurance simply means paying a small sum of money from your funds in exchange of the protection from an unforeseen expense. The amount of money that we pay to the insurance company is the “premium” and the expense is what we “claim” from them.
Insurance in simple language is a tool of transferring any kind of risk from ourselves to the insurance company and they do it in return for a fee. So, once you take an insurance policy, the insurance company will come into the picture whenever you face a misfortune and help you in getting through it.
Insurance has many types and kinds. A few are as follows:
Property Insurance
Life Insurance
Professional insurance
Liability insurance
If you think that insurance is just beneficial for the insurance holders then you are wrong. It can also protect our family members that are dependent upon us. Can you imagine fighting with a disaster on your own? It’s great if you can fight a disastrous situation on your own but if not, insurance is the best savior for you and all those people that depend upon you. So, if in a word if I have to explain what is insurance, then I would say that it is a safety net.


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