Rishav was an old-school thinker. He had a designated insurance agent who took care of all his insurance plans, their renewals, premium payments, etc. As a result, Rishav was quite unaware about the benefits of comparing the insurance plans. When his friend Sumit bought a similar car insurance plan for considerably lower amount, Rishav decided to give it a try too. He went online, compared the plans and was amazed to see how much extra he had been paying all these years.

If you too have not explored the online world of car insurance comparisons, take a look at this article to find out the amazing benefits it offers.

How to save money by comparing car insurance online?

Whether you are renewing your existing car insurance policy or you want to buy a new plan, make sure you compare the various options before you make a final selection. The  benefits of comparing car insurance online are mentioned below:

No brokerage: Since there are no brokers or agents involved in the online process, you don’t have to pay a brokerage fee. This instantly brings down the cost of your car insurance plan. Then, since there is no human interaction, you get an unbiased comparison and list of plans that you can choose from. Often, insurance agents push certain plans from specific insurance providers for their own benefit. But when you complete the process online, there aren’t any such biased opinions pushed towards you.

Quick and convenient: Online car insurance comparisons are very quick and easy to carry out. There are designated websites like where you can enter just basic details of your vehicle and get thes quotes from the various insurance providers in a matter of seconds. So you don’t have to go to websites of the different insurance companies or speak to multiple customer support executives to know what your available options are.

Money saver: The biggest and the most attractive benefit of online car insurance comparisons is that it helps you save money. Since the comparison gives you quotes from different insurers, you get to see who is offering the policy at what rate. The different insurance companies have different rates and also have different offers. Once you analyse the options, you can find the best policy with the best features at the best possible price.

Add on benefits: Some insurance providers offer add-on benefits and riders on the basic car insurance plans. You can view the premiums quoted by different insurers and then opt for add-ons only as per your requirement Again, you can compare the add-ons and their benefits offered by different insurers. Who knows, you might finalize on a plan online along with add-ons and save a lot on your hard-earned money!

Different offers: Many insurance companies offer different attractions such as low mileage discounts. Unless you compare the plans, you will not be aware of these different offers from the different insurers. All these offers may play a role in reducing the overall cost of your car insurance plan.

Instant policy – When you compare the policies online, you get to see all the results at once and then you can instantly buy the best plan too. This means that the policy is available for renewal instantly without you having to submit any further documents.
Hassle-free endorsements – Comparing the various policies gives you the opportunity to promptly view the available endorsements (also known as the riders) and choose the ones you like the most. The process is hassle free and quick.
Read reviews of the insurer you wish to opt for – Since you have all the available plans from the available insurers in front of you, you can quickly choose a plan and read a review about it online to know about its features and costs. Unless you compare, you won’t get to know about the best plan available at the most affordable rate.

In a nutshell

While there might be misconceptions about buying car insurance online due to factors like authenticity and reliability, we still insist you to put a step forward and embrace the new technology. If you don’t compare the insurance plans before you buy or renew, you may stand to lose a lot of money as well as the opportunity to get many add-on benefits on the policy. Log on to a reputed website like and compare the insurance plans in a quick and hassle free manner. Once that is done, you can purchase the policy right there too. The internet has indeed made life a lot simpler and you must make use of all these wonderful facilities available to you.


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