One of the most important aspects of the new era, is that developments in information technologies have come to facilitate infinite of changes in society, one of these changes is the way in which they can do business. Today we have many options to the users, in order to make purchases on the Internet, pay their bills, loans, medical bills, travel, etc. through banking transactions, pay for the services in lines among other things, it is possible thanks to banking institutions modernized, as FNBNorcal is in this case.

Despite all these advances in technology, it is very important that each one of the users take into account certain aspects or suggestions that complement the adequate use of these services and to do this we will mention a couple of tips:

  1. It is important that users verify the address of the sites that correspond to the sites that you want to use, remember that a small error such as, for example: “a letter”, a “strange”, could be an indication that those sites are not secure and are potentially dangerous to be putting personal and sensitive information in them.
  2. Do not forget that the internet is a great base of information as well is that if users have certain doubts about the web pages where they want to perform any kind of purchase, payment online, among other things, it is best to leak in around the forums, see comments and recommendations made by other users leave on these websites.
  3. We know that this could be a bit tiring, the truth is that it is better to make sure the conditions in which the websites you visit render their services in and for this it is advisable to read the regulations and policies of those sites.

Remember that you can consult with the customer service personnel of our bank through emails and phone numbers available here in our official web page, this way you will be able to elaborate a bit more on this topic and how you can perform different online banking transactions quickly and safely.

Do not forget that the most complete protection and effective measures that exist to combat certain internet threats you’re going to achieve by joining an excellent system that will ensure the protection of your data and, of course, the knowledge of the threats that you can expose yourself is vital.


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