We take you through the steps to buy a new prepaid plan and SIM for your phone.

Buying a smartphone and an accompanying mobile phone connection have become two of the simplest tasks today. While you can place an order for a smartphone online, you can just head to the nearest mobile store to buy a prepaid plan.

If you’re not a very heavy phone user and have minimal needs – surfing the web for news and information, chatting with friends and family, watching a movie or listening to Google Music as you work out – then a prepaid plan is more than sufficient for you. It is quite cost effective, too. You can explore prepaid plans from a leading provider like Airtel, costing from Rs 249 to Rs 509 (see illustration below). For a prepaid plan that you buy from Airtel, basis the validity on the pack (in terms of days) you get high speeds, unlimited calling facility, 100 free SMSs per day, and up to 2 GB data per day. Any prepaid pack from Airtel is an excellent deal for you as a phone user.

What you need for a new prepaid plan and SIM

You will need the following documents to buy a new prepaid plan and SIM:

* Two recent passport size photographs to affix on the application form.

* Completed application form for the SIM card.

* Aadhaar card number – you may be asked to undergo a biometric fingerprint check at the SIM card store to verify your Aadhaar credentials.

* Previous connection cancellation documents if you are porting from another service provider.

Once you fill out the form and tick the relevant prepaid plans you are signing up for, the mobile service provider starts processing the application. At this point, you will be given the prepaid SIM which is not yet activated. If you apply for an Airtel connection, you will be paid a visit at your residence by a customer service executive to verify your address and other details, your SIM card is activated. Airtel will inform you about the activation and that you can start using your prepaid plan after set-up.

Why buy a prepaid plan?

On the face of it, and even in actual use, there is very little that differentiates a prepaid plan from a postpaid one. Leading service providers like Airtel have the best prepaid plans that fit all your needs: high daily data (from 1.4 GB to 2 GB per day, depending on the plan you buy), hassle-free purchase process, quick verification of documents and application form, and immediate activation on verification.

Take a look at Airtel’s current prepaid plans below:

You can choose the prepaid plan basis the city you live in and your daily usage (the illustration above shows prepaid recharge plans for Delhi). Once you decide which pack is best for you, you can initiate the purchase on the Airtel website or app. After this, you can submit your documents to the nearest Airtel store – you will be guided on which documents you need to submit and what the purchase process is like.


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