Before we launch ourselves into a discussion on how distance education can be helped by crowdfunding India, it is important to know what distance education is. In short, distance education is the process of receiving a degree or a diploma from a university without attending that university regularly. Study material can be mailed by the university to the student and the student can sit for an exam at the end of the course.

Distance education is popular among professionals who do not have the time for regular classes but are serious about increasing their qualifications. These people can be underpaid people in one sector and therefore they might want to augment their qualifications. Many people who seek distance education are women whose families do not allow them to go out and study (yes! That still happens). It is almost like seekers of distance education have a profile – disenfranchised, working hard and desperately seeking their degrees.

It is needless to say that such people need our support. Distance education may not be the bastion of privileged people yet distance education can be expensive. Even Indian universities can be out of the reach of various working class people. Even degrees from Indira Gandhi National Open University can come at the cost of 9000 rupees, something many low end workers may not be able to afford. The very fact that they are seeking out distance education means that they are not happy with their current condition. And this condition often comprises the miserable financial situation these people may be in.

So what is the option for these people? They deserve, often past the conventional age for education and do not fit into the university student profile. If these are students pursuing degrees from foreign universities, things can get even more expensive. This is where crowdfunding India comes in. A crowdfunding platform, like Impact Guru can get together like minded people who can donate to the cause of education. This may involve the education of those looking to enhance their skill set, or those who simply want to continue studies again.

Either way, what you need to do is quite simple. You need to set up a fundraiser on Impact Guru. It is easy to set up and literally just takes five minutes. Once you have done this, our campaign manager will get in touch with you. Together you can plan a goal and target. This goal needs to be sustainable and the money needs to be a steady income.

However, if it comes in one go, Impact Guru will release funds quite quickly. You will not need to wait in long queues and all of this transaction is done online. Therefore, if you are a student pursuing a distance degree, you should not be worried about money at all. Help is just a fundraiser away thanks to crowdfunding India.


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