Perhaps the most important element of office design is creating a space that encourages people to work not only hard, but productively. Cluttered, unworkable offices make for low output, so make the most of your office space by putting some thought into its layout.

Function over style

Unless your office space is in your home, you should be concerned more with its function than its appearance. When you have a home office, there is a temptation, if not a need, to make it attractive and in keeping with the rest of home, but this is not necessary in an outside office. An office should work well rather than look good, and functionality should never be sacrificed for style, although if you can combine the two, you are on to a winner.

Organize your space

The type of furniture required in your office will naturally depend upon the kind of business carried on there, but there are basics that will apply to any workspace. These include desks suitable for use with computers, and ideally, to avoid trip hazards and unsightly cabling, such desks should have cabling channels and holes built into them. Where possible and where budgets allow, furniture such as chairs should be of ergonomic design, thereby avoiding the back problems that may result in staff taking unscheduled absences.

Design clever

In smaller offices, you may have to make much cleverer use of space than in a work area with rather more room. The key to maximizing space in a small office is to invest in furniture that can perform multiple functions and provide solutions for multiple needs. For example, some desks are fitted with telescopic legs so that they can be used when seated or standing. Such desks can also be considered beneficial for the health, with recent studies suggesting that sitting down all day can have a detrimental effect on posture and weight. In smaller offices, desks should never just be a tabletop. They should also feature in-built storage solutions, such as drawers and cupboards. However, these types of multifunctional furniture are not solely for use in small offices. You can also use them in larger ones, as they can maximize the available space and help to create a more streamlined and open office. Invest in multifunctional devices too, such as a three-in-one copier, printer, and scanner.

No such thing as a paperless office

While it might seem an attractive option, it is virtually impossible for a business to operate without using paper. For this reason, it is necessary for an office to provide storage space for paperwork, such as invoices and purchase orders, and copies of contracts and letters that need to be kept. Bookshelves are a great storage option as they have a simple, unfussy, and attractive design. They are good not only for binders and folders, but for the holding of storage boxes too, which can help to keep clutter to a minimum.

Increased productivity leading to greater sales is the Holy Grail of every business, so ensure that your company is in the best position to achieve this by making clever use of your available workspace with contemporary furniture and storage solutions.


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