Social media marketing is crucial for any company that wants to get on in the world. It’s impossible to accomplish much of anything if you aren’t on social media in this day and age. Whether you’re new to the game or just want some confirmation that you’re doing the right things, here are five tips to achieve more with social media marketing.

Stop Going Broad

This couldn’t be further from the truth. You’ll get far better results by sticking with the more relevant networks, in relation to your brand.

In the case of this site, we would recommend sticking with both Twitter and Facebook, whilst adding the professional network LinkedIn to the mix, and nothing else.

Do Consider the Paid Ads

Some companies are quite wary about opting for the paid advertising options on the various social media networks. We admit they’re often dependent on where you’re using them. For example, Twitter’s ads haven’t quite taken off in the way Facebook’s has.

Targeting is everything. Make sure you do your research or hire someone who knows how to work ads. Set a small budget and see how it goes. Their effectiveness depends on both you and the customer base you’re targeting.
Images Over Words

Studies have shown that posts containing images are almost 100% more likely to be shared than content with just text. This is because we’re naturally drawn to images as they stand out from the rest of the social media noise around them.

Set a Specific Goal

The goal of getting more subscribers or making more sales through social media isn’t a goal you need. It’s general. You can’t measure it. And there’s no time frame in which to accomplish it. Big mistake.

You need goals like ‘get 25 more subscribers directly from Facebook within the next fortnight’. That’s something you can measure. If you fail, you have the parameters of that failure in place from the start.

Read Analytics

With all the analytics tools on offer nowadays, there’s no excuse not to take advantage of it. Proper analytics will inform you where you’ve been successful and where you’ve failed. This software is vital for understanding where you have to go next.

If you’re having trouble making sense of it, keep it simple. Many stats aren’t relevant to anything other than experts. Remember, many of these programs are designed to be entirely comprehensive.

Social Media and You

It takes time to make a success of social media. Even the gurus take time because it’s nearly always a matter of trial and error. It’s about testing things over and over with slight tweaks until you get them right. Before you embark on this venture, make sure you have a clear plan in place.


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